Benefits of structured study to pass an exam







Benefis of structured study to pass an exam.

For people who have recently completed their education, the prospect of taking an exam creates extra demands on their time when coupled with a demanding job. However, for those who have not taken an exam for some time, it can be quite daunting. Success will lie in creating a realistic study plan and following it.


A study plan

Start with the exam date and create a plan working backwards. The last week at least should be spent answering practice questions and completing past papers. Longer exams, such as those lasting three hours, can give you writers’ cramp if you are not used to writing for that length of time. Read examiners’ reports if you can get access to them, they give an insight into what the markers will be looking for.

Plan a realistic amount of study each day and build in some spare days in case something important makes you miss a study period. Jobs and families take a great deal of our time and something will invariably become a study time stealer.

Keep your study plan on your computer or in you diary and follow it carefully.


Your learning style

Much has been written about learning styles. There are many different theories suggesting you should identify your preferred style and seek learning methods to suit. Whilst this is helpful, there are other valid research studies that have found some theories to be simplistic.

It is however, a good idea to think of a mix of methods to help you to retain information. Reading alone is often not enough to remember detail. Get into the habit of making notes. Using another of your senses will help information to stick. Consider how you can make notes so they are useful to revise from. Some people like lists, others prefer mind maps or diagrams. Use of colour and highlighting can be very useful.

Some people are auditory learners. Recording information to listen to in the car, on the train and whilst running can be very successful for such people.

We shall continue to prepare resources such as articles and presentations to help you and we hope you find them useful.

Try to develop yourself as a learner by using as many different learning methods as possible to increase your opportunities to learn.


Training sessions

A training session with an experienced and qualified trainer can be invaluable. Exams require you to have the knowledge that you can learn by reading. However, exam technique is very important. A good trainer can tell you how to answer questions and will know what the examiner is looking for. This is crucial to passing first time.


The exam

Make sure you have had plenty of sleep. Arrive in good time with your exam permit and the documentation they require.

Know how log to spend on each section of the exam and spend time on questions depending on the marks available.

Keep calm if you do not know the answer to a question. If you have followed your study plan, you will know the answer to the other questions. Answer the questions to the best of your ability.



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